Publisher's NotesSeptember 2010

How great thou art, Filipino!

Our Filipino American community in Chicago is up and jumping again (after undergoing some hectic Philippine Independence celebrations in June), this time in welcoming the month of October as the Filipino American History Month. 

    Passed by the U.S. Congress (H.R.780) a year ago in November 2009, it took our communities a year to get rolling and join the bandwagon of celebrations and celebrators from many Filipino communities in America.

    This September issue has actually caught the feverish excitement in celebrating this most memorable occasion that calls on every living Filipino in this country to be proud of their Filipino heritage...”Veronica’s Vibes” on page 5, proudly announcing Mayor Daley’s and Gov. Quinn’s Proclamations and reprinting a beautiful article about “Proud to be a Filipino”;  Elsie Sy Niebar’s “Notebook,” talking about Skokie Mayor George Van Dusen’s Proclamation of the Filipino American Day for the benefit of thousands of Skokie’s Filipino residents and also writing about the historical Maywood Bataan Day commemoration, and many others.

    All kinds of activities for this upcoming celebration abound, and you can find many of them in this issue, from the Bayanihan performance in Wheaton Theatre, to educational forum and gala ball by the Filipino American Cultural Foundation, Pendong-Pendong concert by the Bayanihan Cultural Foundation, and many others.

    For a change of pace, Girlie Pascual’s “G-Mail” column touches on Pinoy’s Funny Man Rex Navarette, and Jovie Calma (Showbiz Pinoy) really made it big meeting with Appl DeAp of the very popular musical group Black Eyed Peas.

    CPRTV’s Local Newscaster Lou Maningas is also proud to announce the “Sama Sama” (a “Filipino Folk Fusion Band which she co-founded with her darling Baron) project’s upcoming concert entitled “Sarswela ni Lola” on November 19th at the Skokie Theatre.

    See, although the heat of summer has dissipated, it seems that there’s no let up in organizing and planning for all kinds of activities all around us which actually makes a community alive and heated up.

    What a better way to bid adieu to summer by having old and new friends to laugh with in an intimate dinner celeb in an apropos deluxe venue, the Aria Restaurant of the Fairmont Hotel...Happy, happy birthday to dear friends Flor Kramer, Vernie & Bob Morales, and Nora Tsai (see photo below).

    For another change of pace, VT is proud to present a Cover Boy (not a girl) this month, an “Urban Pinoy Warrior,” James (Jojo) Stagen, a police officer and a martial arts expert and instructor. Heavy, huh? He surely is.

    This VT issue will be another pleasurable reading for many of you, who are always letting us know that VT is your favorite community publication, giving all our columnists the best compliments and accolades for their unquestionable writing skills. “We’ll keep on trying harder,” we all quip.

    Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! Will keep you updated in the next issue on the celebration.             


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Award-winning Fairmont Hotel Chef Chad (featured in CPRTV’s & VT’s CelebrEATy (by Sarah Lee) took time to meet with us during a private celebration held at Aria dining room of the Fairmont Hotel.
Seated, from left, Nora Tsai, Flor Kramer, Vernie Morales and Fides Lim; standing, from left, Fred Tsai, Don Kramer, Joe Mauricio, Veronica, Chef Chad, ConGen Leo Lim, Bob Morales, Maria Girlie Pascual & Dan Gawat (not in picture is James dela Cruz).